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About the Sense ’07 Campaign…

The intention of the Sense ’07 campaign is to contribute positively to current political debate – by drawing attention to the fundamental role of philosophy in politics.

The main activities of the campaign are:

candidacy in the upcoming Federal Election and

the provision of a public platform for discussion of a consciously agreed philosophy we might use [and express in the Constitution] to enhance our democracy.

The philosophy is intended to establish the legitimacy of our jurisdiction on solid (i.e. honest and rational) ‘ground’, from which we can work together through the many challenges we may face – prepared to deal intelligently, rationally and above all, honestly with the issues induced by our own conflicting needs …
and for those who only think in ‘Two Party Preferred‘ Terms ..
Accepting that you only have a choice between

Howard and Howard Lite

is accepting that you only have a choice between
living in a

Rat Race or a Chicken Run

This to-be-agreed philosophy must establish understanding of ourselves and of the relations between the satisfaction of our own and others’ needs, and those between our own and others’ identities.

Any political philosophy must allow for the ‘fact of life’ or ‘reality’ that no man is (or ever could be) an ‘island’, that only open, rational discussion – in shared terms – can be meaningful and therefore useable.

Obviously, only honest (in good faith), accessible (meaningful) and assessable (open and applicable) communication can deliver the rational space in which to discuss philosophy.

Lies, half-truths, spin, the promotion of ungrounded ideology … All corrode the public debate, reducing it to an uncivilised screaming of interest groups and a babble of dissatisfied voices.

All are tools regularly used by the major parties. Standard Party electioneering procedures [developed by the ALP, exemplified by Mark Textor and the Liberals] include push-polling and the repetition of half-truths etc. to drag the public debate down to an unEnlightened, stupid competition between amoral figureheads, rather than a civilised discussion of the possibilities actually available to us…

The SenateSense campaign is designed to promote the view of democracy outlined by Peter Singer (in “The President of Good and Evil”, Text, 2004, and elsewhere):

… democratic politics [is] not so much a battle for power, settled by elections, but rather [is] a kind of public conversation about issues of common concern with a decision procedure for reaching temporary closure on those issues when the time for action has come.

Singer continues that to take part in this public conversation we must seek to justify ourselves to others. Thus we must acknowledge the fact of political and religious pluralism, and show that we recognise we live in a community with diversity.

We do this, Singer explains “by offering reasons that can appeal to all” – i.e. being rational and honest. We establish trust and legitimacy by making “…the issue not one of who may say what, but of what reasons should be given weight.”

Singer also reminds us that we use reason all the time in our normal lives and clearly shows that extending it more consistently to the public domain is the only way we can arrive at shared solutions for shared problems.

The Sense’07 campaign hopes to contribute to the provision of the type of public discussion space we need to jointly and sensibly decide what we do…


5 Responses to “About the Campaign”

  1. morrisf Says:

    The philosophy which underlies all this is on:


    It was written for the commonSense 2004 campaign
    and is part of this Sense07 campaign.

    Please check it out – maybe start with the “Application of the philosophy” which includes some more description of the basic philosophy – which does have some holes in it…

    Help me eliminate them…

  2. editor Says:

    great site!
    I support your :
    * commitment to sustainability;
    * opposition to the two-party system; and
    * assertion that ‘the recent and on-going intervention by th Fed. Govt. is an example of how not to do things’

    I look forward to a day when there are hundreds … thousands … of independent candidates like yourself offering not just an alternative to the prospective major party representatives, but an alternative to the failed system of government we – and all other living things – suffer under.

    keep up the good work

  3. morrisf Says:

    Thanks ‘editor’ [justin tutty of the NT Ne.ws – http://www.ntne.ws/%5D

    I, in my turn, look forward to a time when people like you – who care enough to find out what’s happening – replace the permanent holiday makers we currently have as editors and producers at the NT News and ABC.

    Territorians, visit their site:


    – there are good links and good local information put together by people who have spent years – not minutes – researching important long-term issues like how we are going to live ‘in’ country rather than ‘on’ it…

  4. Ann Foley Says:

    Hi Maurice,

    Have just listened to you on the radio. Well done! My friends were impressed.

    Hope all is going well for you today…


  5. maurice foley Says:

    … forgot to put out the other website address for this 2007 campaign on this, the campaign home page:


    … has more writing and a better search facility

    … and is hosted by PARIAH, the NT’s excellent anti-racism site

    … at http://www.pariahnt.org/

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